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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tablets world

Laptops have long held a place combining both portability and computing power. For road warriors of business, they will always go to the device. However, most people that own laptops rarely use this combination to its full potential. Friends and family are always asking me advice on the purchase of electronic products and computers. Mac vs. PC, laptop vs. desktop, laptop vs tablet. It boils down to: "What you need to do?

Far from home, most people only need an Internet device to check email, surf the Web, chat with friends, and access to social networks. At home, the needs are somewhat different. You need a computer with full rights that can burn DVDs, play games, open and edit documents, edit photos and videos and more. It is rare that you need to do these things in coffee.

Let's face it, laptops are a compromise. For the same amount of power of the technology you'll pay more. They are mobile, but still quite heavy and bulky. They have few options to upgrade. A better solution is a combination of desktop and tablet. You get the best of both worlds, more processing power and mobility. The best part is, together they cost less than the laptop.

The tablets are thin, lightweight and relatively cheap. They may be limited in functionality, but when you look closely, they do exactly what you need them. For all other tasks, you trust your office. With the advancement of cloud computing, there has never been easier to access the same data in multiple locations. Other limitations of Internet devices such as physical memory can be neglected for the same reason.

Now you can buy a desktop with a super-fast terabyte hard drive and a decent monitor for about $ 800. This machine will last for years and can be easily upgraded. It will handle almost anything you throw at it. A laptop equivalent (which will not give you a sore back) will cost over $ 1,400, almost twice as much. To complement this desk, a 7 "or 10" shelf. These tablets have large enough screens that you can explore the full web, and they are a fraction of the weight of a laptop. Battery life will be longer too. Of course they have their limitations, but most users do not miss. The tablet costs about $ 300. Your grand total for the best of both worlds is $ 1,100.

I predict that large manufacturers will begin to match this winning combination and give a price break if you buy both. We have seen before with printers and other accessories. And that brings us to why tablets will replace laptops. With treatment increasingly taking place in the cloud on large powerful servers, the need for laptops will decrease. You can already do 90% of your mobile computing on tablets in progress. In three years, laptops for road warriors of business can even be endangered. 

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