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Monday, December 6, 2010

How to choose Canon portrait lens

Have you noticed that when you carry this Canon digital SLR camera, you are usually noticed because most people know the value of the tool you hold in your hands. Even if they know nothing about how to use it, they are in awe of its ability. That's why most of the photographers who carry it always ask for take portraits photo of friends and family all the time. People assume that you are professional because Canon lens can make it best pictures.

The attributes of a great portrait lens

In an attempt to discover the best portrait lens Canon, you will find a wide variety of opinions on which is best. And it is sometimes based on how much money you spend on a lens, it is more often about how you manage the setup, lighting, and subject. Yes, the lens you choose is important, and here are some things you want to know if you select a portrait lens for your Canon digital SLR.

Firstly, the target picture is not on the focal length. It is about perspective.
You will usually be holding a traditional portrait that includes the head and shoulders, and you want it to look normal for viewers. This means that you do not want a parts of the face distorted or out of proportion.

normal distance from your subject to objects a normal perspective is about 10 feet. You can accomplish this with a goal that is between 75mm and 150mm. If your camera is a "crop" sensor, you can use less of the focal length because the camera will capture images as if it were a longer focal length. An example is a Canon Rebel with a 50mm lens will act as a full-frame camera with a 80mm lens, taking into account the 1.6x sensor.
You can get the same picture with a 22mm lens as you can from a 85mm lens if you're closer to the subject. However, there is a very real possibility of having a distorted parts of the face because you're so close to your subject.

For this reason, the best portrait lens Canon is at least 85mm.
On the other hand, you do not really want to use a telephoto lens that is to say, 400mm, simply because you would have to be too far. Yes, you could get a better shot than the example 22mm, but the object distance of around 30 feet is not optimal for communication with your subject.

Therefore the best choice would also 150mm lens or less
Aperture is a very important aspect of a good lens. The wide the aperture, the better recommended opening is f / 4 or less, preferably 2.8. The
large aperture will give you most beautiful, soft background that is so desirable in the photos of people. It is produced by the shallow depth of field that occurs when a wide aperture is used. 

Choose your portrait lens
There are some really good lenses that meet these needs. There is one better than all the rest. Many professional will definitely be recommended. But the fact is that there are several that meet the budget. The key is what the best
Canon portrait lens for you. You will use it only for photography, portrait, or the lens to increase other types of images as well.

People behind the camera is just as important as the front of the camera lens when it comes to getting the best shot.
Know how to use light settings on subject.



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