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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Android 2.2 10.2" Newest Tablet PC WIFI Camera HDMI

Android 2.2 10.2" Newest Tablet PC WIFI Camera HDMI

Laptops, Tablets & Netbooks The latest model of Tablet PC, Google Android 2.2, 512 MB DDR RAM, other pills less RAM is free, and the Android operating system 2.2.

10.2 "Tablet PC, Google Android, touchscreen, WiFi, 3G, Skype and many more!

Internet, e-mail, play movies, games and music!


-Google Android 2.2 operating system (see below for what's new in 2.2)

-10.2 "LCD Touch Screen

-512 MB of memory (twice iPad)

-Built-in WiFi

Built-in camera!

HD Video

-Slim and lightweight, ideal for travel!

-Automatic screen rotation

Multilingual Support

-Support for multitasking and more!


* 2-3 times faster than JavaScript.
* 2-5 times better performance Android hardware at the same time!
USB and Wi-Fi Internet Sharing.
* Integration with Microsoft Exchange
* New and improved browser.
* Full support for Flash browser!
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