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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pelican 1080CC Black HardBack Case - Notebook carrying case

Pelican 1080CC Black HardBack Case - Notebook carrying case

Laptops, Tablets & Netbooks Printed plush foam liner protects the notebook against shocks, scratches and bumps, Pelican brand, black, anodized aluminum Easy latchComes linerWaterproof standard computer case, with foam, and GORE-TEX car dustproofVent Portable pressure BalanceFits 12.3 "LX 9.3" WX 1.5D

The big difference between tablets and netbooks, through it now

Netbook may be small, inexpensive laptop that is lightweight and less bulky than a standard laptop. Netbook does not have a CD-ROM drive, optical drive, ports, and legacy ISA bus. Netbook with a keyboard smaller than a traditional laptop, and offers features and less processing power than laptops. An essential benefit of a functional mini-notebooks will be people who want the former mansion of personal computers ..
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