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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bond 9215 Green Giant Spiked Aerator Shoes

Bond 9215 Green Giant Spiked Aerator Shoes

Home, Garden & Tools Deluxe Velcro into account these lightweight shoes lawn aerator feet. Each step that weighs tens of 2 inches. metal spikes into the ground and beaten to the dense grass. Thousands without creating holes, fertilizers and humidity inside the country. Rugged green plastic, 11 3/8in. long. Straps easily to any adult size foot. Suitable for cutting grass or raking leaves! Aerator Type: Spike, peaks (amount): 12, spike length (cm): 2, Spike Penetration Depth (cm): 2, overall width (inches): 11 3 / 8 in length Bond character, color, box NA plastic in the bottom of plastic containers strapsTwelve boltsEasy peaks 2 inch mounting instructions includedNew includedInstructions prepackaged design
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